The world’s most famous dome, the Pantheon is almost 2000 years old and still in use today. Today’s domes, built with technology developed 40 years ago are superior to the Pantheon. They have proven to be able to withstand the force of a tornado, hurricane, or earthquake, and cannot burn, rot, or be eaten by bugs. Their lifespan is unmeasurable, and they use 50 – 75% less energy to heat and cool. Monolithic dome stadiums, schools, and homes have been built in almost every state and many countries throughout the world. Ours will be the world’s first dome built specifically for apartments and condominiums.

Please view the 8 minute video “Introduction to Monolithic Domes” to view these amazing buildings to get a glimpse of what many of our future buildings will look like. A description of our apartment/condominium dome is listed below. Click the links at the top of this page for extensive articles and photos of domes.


Some of the benefits of dome construction compared to standard stick built construction are listed below. Click “news articles” to see and read more about domes.

Energy Savings

    • Domes are considered the ultimate green energy buildings with heating and cooling savings exceeding 50%.  The savings will typically pay for the dome in 20 years.


    • Since domes are round and made of concrete winds go around them.  Domes are the strongest buildings in the world.  Monolithic domes meet FEMA standards to provide near absolute protection from tornados, hurricanes,earthquakes and fire.


    • Typical buildings last 80-100 years.  Today’s domes are superior to the Pantheon which is almost 2000 years old.

Building Costs

    • Because of their design, Monolithic Domes require the smallest surface area and employ the fewest materials to enclose the space.  Three of the four structural dome construction materials serve to isolate the dome’s internal environment from the outdoors. The dome has tons of thermal mass which lengthens a domes thermal cycle closer to that of the earth’s crust.  When we add energy to the concrete shell it radiates back to us – rather than outdoors.

Maintenance Costs

    • Standard stick built buildings require ongoing maintenance for shingles, siding, and settling, none which typically affects the dome.

Commons Area

    • We have an inherent desire to communicate and be close to others.   Our apartment/condo domes will include a 700 square foot commons area in the middle of the dome for people to meet.   Residents simply walk out their front door to meet family and friends in a safe, secure environment.  A fireplace and waterfall will provide a warm, comfortable atmosphere.


Riley Domes Condos and Apartments

Dome Specs
Diameter: 110’
Height: 38’
Number of units: 36. 
First floor: (10) 2 bedroom units, (2) 1 bedroom units
Second floor: (10) 2 bedroom units, (2) 1 bedroom units
Third floor: (12) 1 bedroom units


One of the highlights of the dome will be a 700 sq. ft. commons area (30’ diameter) located in the center of the dome on the 1st and 2nd floors. This will be a gathering place for residenc who can simply step out their front door to meet with family, friends and neighbors in a safe, secure environment. In the middle of the commons area will be a fireplace and waterfall for sound effect.

The 2nd and 3rd floors will be assessed by steps or elevator. Residents entering the 2nd floor commons area will be greeted with a dramatic Tuscan décor reminiscent of old time Italy with walls extending 28’ to the top of the dome.

The 3rd floor will have a circular walk around area looking down to the 2nd floor commons area. These units will have great views from their outer decks.

Riley domes will fill the increased housing needs of seniors, students, worker specific industries, and our growing population. As utility costs continue to rise, and natural disasters caused by earthquakes, wind, and fire escalate, there will be no safer, better investment than a dome.








1st floor details